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Our team and its expertise

An exceptional advisory board

The strength of a team lies in its ability to work harmoniously. Building an effective team is a major challenge for a manager. The success of a project is often the result of close collaboration between the different members of a team.

It is thanks to an efficient team that ia-learning achieves the best results in its field.

The founders

Marie-Christine Jené

MBA IESE, Sciences Po, University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne

For more than 20 years, Marie-Christine leads companies in EdTech designing and marketing e-learning software internationally. Excellence Award for Educational Innovation.

Eric Chartier

National Higher School arts and techniques of the Theatre

Creator and producer of Literary shows and audiovisual and multimedia productions, broadcast at the UN and in the largest universities in the USA. Member of the Academy of Brittany.

Our team

Hassan Ibrahim

R&D Project Manager

10 years of experience in AI Expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Diego Linares

Product Manager

22 years of experience in e-learning Editing Expert e-learning and knowledge management.

Marcos Garcia


23 years of experience in e-learning Full Stack Developer and Systems Engineer.

Our exceptional advisory board

Michel Pech

President of Art&Métaux Savoie
Editor-in-Chief and Production Machinery Director
Former Exhibition Director SIMODEC

Industrial sector network (turning).

Isabelle Balot

Expert in Ethics and AI (Z-Inspection Initiative, European Union, FundingBox)
Teacher. Center for Diplomatic Studies & Strategies, Paris
Former senior civil servant of the United Nations (UN Awards for his contribution).

International network of universities, large innovative companies and Organis. intern.

Rémi Martin

Teacher in Management Sciences IUT Annecy – Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc
Manager & designer of professional and academic training courses
Expert in digital pedagogy and gamification

Expertise and network of management schools, companies and university foundations.

Michel Fremder

Former director of France Rail
Managing Director of the Train Company Exhibition/Orient Express and Chairman of Trains Expo Events SNCF

Railway and network expertise within SNCF and sponsor companies.

Gilles Nadeau

Publisher, Éditions Nadeau
President of the Literary Fortnight

Prestige and network in the cultural world.

Gérald Honigsblum

Editor Fraction International
Dr. Es Lettres Univ. Chicago
Expert in Educational Design Applied to New Technologies
Knight of the Academic Palms

Expertise and network with prestigious universities, particularly in the United States.

Christophe Petitprez

CEO NowProds
Producing/editing videos, reports, documentaries, live shows

Expertise + partnership + network of CAC 40 companies and communication agencies.

François Cadeau

CEO Logosapience Wizzbe Green EdTech software

Expertise + partnership + network educational clients and local communities.

What problem are we solving?


E-Learning solutions

This is made possible by our immersive course creation software


Integration of images, texts, audios, animations and videos in immersive VR videos with multiple interactions and total customization.


Multiple educational activities that are fun, gamified and Customizable.


Collaborative editing for co-creation of courses between several trainers and validators.


Self-adaptive learning profiles.

Today, while e-learning solutions are becoming popular all over the world, there is still a problem of lack of student engagement and low information retention rate.

This happens because the training materials are not sufficiently attractive or personalized, and the reality of the company or organization is not sufficiently highlighted. In addition, the courses do not always adapt to the extremely varied learning profiles of the learners.

The end result

Our vision

Democratize training by making it immersive thanks to VR and 360º video, stimulating thanks to interactivity and accessible to all thanks to artificial intelligence, while highlighting the expertise and experience of trainers. We are determined to transform the way people learn, work and succeed by creating a revolutionary training platform.

Create a positive impact in digital training using immersion

An offer particularly well placed to seize this untapped market opportunity.

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