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A powerful, simple and collaborative tool allowing you to create immersive courses in record time

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Let’s reinvent education with immersive and captivating learning experiences

Eric Chartier


Marie-Christine Jené


The founders

The faces Behind our success

Who are we ?

An expert advisory board accompanies us

We are a complementary and close-knit team with successful professional experiences in training, educational technology and AI. We are passionate about creating a positive impact in digital training using immersion.

We are backed by an exceptional advisory board that includes university professors, executives of major companies, international AI experts, prestigious publishers and CEOs of technology or video production companies.

What problem are we solving?


E-Learning solutions

This is made possible by our immersive course creation software


Integration of images, texts, audios, animations and videos in immersive VR videos with multiple interactions and total customization.


Multiple educational activities that are fun, gamified and Customizable.


Collaborative editing for co-creation of courses between several trainers and validators.


Self-adaptive learning profiles.

Today, while e-learning solutions are becoming popular all over the world, there is still a problem of lack of student engagement and low information retention rate.

This happens because the training materials are not sufficiently attractive or personalized, and the reality of the company or organization is not sufficiently highlighted. In addition, the courses do not always adapt to the extremely varied learning profiles of the learners.

The optimal solution

Improve learner engagement and motivation

We have an optimal solution to improve learner engagement and motivation:

A powerful, simple and collaborative tool allowing you to create immersive courses in record time based on the productive, commercial or organizational reality of the workstation. A real weapon in the service of quality, commitment and business productivity.

We are reinventing Education with immersive and captivating learning experiences:

Our intuitive software quickly creates highly customizable immersive lessons, combining 360º and VR video and interactive learning activities for full learner engagement.

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence, our self-adaptive tools offer tailor-made training adapted to the needs of the company and the learning profiles of the learners, where the trainers become the architects of an innovative and stimulating teaching.

Tools and Expertise

Who is our solution for ?

  • Companies and organizations wishing to provide their employees and collaborators with highly personalized and effective training.
  • To universities, schools, training organizations or publishing houses offering training manuals.

The presentation of the pitch

Democratize immersive training

Democratize training by making it immersive through VR and 360º video, stimulating through interactivity and accessible to all through artificial intelligence, while highlighting the expertise and experience of trainers.
We are determined to transform the way people learn, work and succeed by creating a revolutionary training platform.

In just 5 steps

Simple and intuitive create an engaging lesson

Stimulate and retain talent

Import your video
Embed your media files
Edit content
Create lesson activities
Track learner progress

Immersive e-learning for training on reality

For full learner engagement

Zero code

Infinite creativity


Editing in record time


Educational & fun


Total efficiency

Technological democratization and opportunities for everyone

So that everyone has access to knowledge and knowledge

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